VED changes: cutting down on band size

Understanding Vehicle Excise Duty can sometimes be unnecessarily confusing. Transport Business analyses what effect the latest changes to tax could have for fleet operators

Pondering the alternative

Richard Mochor from motor dealership Motorparks looks at the past, present and future of alternative fuels

Counting the cost of electric vans

There are two schools of thought from manufacturers of electric light commercial vehicles: sell the battery outright with the vehicle or have the operator lease it

Baroness Kramer

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer explains a new scheme that will allow every 
central government department to review its fleet arrangements and consider how
 ultra-low emission vehicles can be used, with the aim of making electric and plug-in vehicles common place on the government’s fleet

Fleet manager decision-making

With cost reduction high on the agenda for public sector fleet managers, ACFO director Jullie Jenner talks us through the implications of tax changes in the Chancellor’s 2014 budget

More flexibility to meet local signage needs

Simon Morgan from the Institute of Highway Engineers examines new local highways traffic sign legislation that comes into force in 2015, which brings both benefits and challenges to local authorities


David Smith of the British Parking Association reports on the recent Parkex event where Robert Goodwill, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport led a seminar on the government’s current and future thinking on parking policy

Autonomous truck convoys: the question is when, not if

The grand vision of Europe’s freight transport is of sleek convoys of autonomous trucks travelling along thousands of miles of ‘smart’ roads. Siegfried Mortkowitz reports on what it will take to realise it

Could Britain cope without high-speed rail?

In its report ‘Great Britain: connected or not?’ the High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group shares its view of the country’s future if plans to roll out HS2 are scrapped

Identifying the precise need for speed

Three years after the idea was first considered by Government, motoring law specialist Hannah Sampson shares her views on fresh proposals to increase the speed limit on motorways