Road Safety Minister Jim FitzpatrickOn average, almost 9 people lose their lives each and every day on the UK's roads. Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Road Safety Minister, talks to Transport Business about the Government's plans to tackle road safety issues beyond 2010, and asks Transport Business readers to join the debate.

For most employees, driving on business is the most dangerous task they undertake during their working life, according to official figures. The Driving for Better Business programme aims to build a broad network of employers with ‘business champions’ at the centre.

With high levels of interest in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), it's little wonder that the technology is developing so rapidly

Precksha Saksena of Telematics Update explains how months of research have led to the realisation that Telematics may have gone full circle and is now able to sustain business case for basic services that failed to take off in 2001.

Travel plans should be the foundation of all public sector fleets. Ian Langdon, director of operations at CP Plus works with local authorities and NHS Trusts and recognises the value of planning when it comes to environmental and business sense

There has been a huge amount of debate in the media about biofuels in 2007. Here, Clare Wenner from the REA explains why she firmly believes that biofuels have an important role to play in mitigating climate change and why they are currently one of the few options available to the road transport sector

Acquiring a new light commercial for your business could make common-sense, suggests Matt Black. However, buying used from the right location and feeling secure about it could be something else altogether

Jim Salkeld, Chairman of Toomey Opticar assesses the success of AMAPs and suggests that aligning rates with emissions may be unnecessary

Many fleets around the UK are faced with making a decision on the length of their company car replacement cycle. Three years or four years is the usual dilemma and Lex Momentum’s fleet consultant John Webb has been looking at this issue in a little more detail

Electric vehicles could become mainstream as postal giant begins trials with vans