Demand for EV charging points could see London ‘charge rage’ epidemic

If the predicted demand for electric car charging points is not met, London roads could see a ‘charge rage’ epidemic, a new report has suggested.

According to the ‘Clearing the Air’ report, published by London Assembly member Shaun Bailey, the installation of electric charge points is happening at a slow rate in comparison to the uptake of electric vehicles.

Latest Department for Transport figures shows electric car sales are increasing by 174 per cent every five years.

Current installation rates of electric charging points, however, means there will be one available for every 15 electric cars on the road by 2031.

In addition, the report states that many of the charging points currently being installed are ‘standard; or ‘slow’, meaning they take between six to eight hours for a vehicle to fully charge.

Mr Bailey’s report recommends the London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, abolishes his plans to expand the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) and instead invests some of the money in rapid electric charging points – which can charge a vehicle in under an hour.

Shaun Bailey said: “If London is going to fully support the adoption of electric vehicles on our roads we need adequate charging infrastructure in place.

“This report found London is not preparing to provide the right number and quality of charging points to meet predicted demand.

“The adoption of electric vehicles would go a long way to improving London’s air quality. In contrast, the Mayor’s plans to expand the ULEZ will have a negligible impact on emissions.

“That is why I’m urging the mayor to abandon those plans and instead invest some of the money in improved electric-charging infrastructure.”

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