European Commission announces new transport initiatives

The European Commission has announced a range of new initiatives aimed at modernising mobility and transport across the EU.

According to Energy Live News, the plans specifically target road transport and aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, congestion and encourage fairer road charging.

The EU says the road transport sector is of particular importance as it directly employs five million Europeans and currently contributes to almost a fifth of the continent’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The EU aims to drive the transition to more fair and competitive mobility by 2025 through targeted legislation and infrastructure investment, research and innovation.

In addition to this, the EU aims to make it easier for businesses and citizens to travel across European borders and tolling systems without being concerned about different administrative formalities.

Commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, said: “Our reforms will set the foundation for standardised, digital road solutions, fairer social conditions and enforceable market rules.

“They will help decrease the socioeconomic costs of transport, like time lost in traffic, road fatalities and serious injuries, health risks from pollution and noise, whilst serving the needs of citizens, businesses and nature.”

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