Hyperloop One could provide 50-minute journey from London to Edinburgh

Three routes in the UK are being considered for Europe’s first Hyperloop - a new form of high-speed transport technology - The Telegraph has reported.

The transport, which is backed by Tesla boss Elon Musk, is being considered for routes from London to Edinburgh, Liverpool to Glasgow, and Cardiff to Glasgow by Hyperloop One - one of several companies competing to make the high-speed transport technology a reality.

The Hyperloop could cut the 414-mile non-stop trip from London to Edinburgh to 50 minutes. At the moment, the shortest time for this journey is one hour and 20 minutes.

By car, it takes seven and a half hours.

Hyperloop One is currently designing pods that float using magnetic levitation and travel through a vacuum.

They can move at speeds of nearly 700 miles per hour because of the low resistance.

Passengers and cargo are loaded into the pods and propelled along the tube.

Hyperloop One and a panel of advisers are also considering six other routes across Europe.

The company says it will have more than 500 employees working on the technology, which it claims offers a clean alternative to long-distance road travel or flights, by the end of 2017.

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