London’s mayor aims for zero-emission transport system by 2050

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has unveiled his long-term ambition to make the capital’s transport network greener.

Investment in new and improved services for passengers, an unprecedented focus on walking and cycling and a pledge to make the entire transport system zero emission by 2050 are central to the Mayor’s first draft Transport Strategy.

There will be new Tube trains offering more reliable services, the opening of the Elizabeth line, extensions to the Tube, DLR and Overground, new green buses and taxis, new river crossings, and the transformation of London’s streets to make walking, cycling and public transport practical choices for Londoners.

The strategy will see a focus on cutting car journeys in the capital by three million each day.

In addition to this, the mayor is planning to make London’s entire transport system zero-emission by 2050 to improve air quality across the capital.

This will be delivered through a phased approach, following widespread public consultation and building on the forthcoming introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone and the T-charge.

This includes delivering central London and town centre zero emission zones from 2025, creating a zero-emission zone in inner London by 2040 and a London-wide zone by 2050.

TfL will lead by example, with the aim that all taxis and PHVs will be zero emission capable by 2033 and buses will be zero emission by 2037.

It will also require the government to incentivise the uptake of zero emission vehicles and provide funding to ensure sufficient and appropriate charging and refuelling infrastructure both in London and across the UK.
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