2009 road casualties statistics shows less deaths and injuries than the previous year.

Offenders warned their car may be sold or crushed if they are caught.

No increases in duties on fuel also announced.

Projects include upgrade of Tyne and Wear Metro and extension of the Manchester Metrolink.

Timers to tell passengers how long they have to cross the road.

Reducing legal blood alcohol concentration limit to 50mg/100ml has proved effective in Europe.

Year six students to be taught about buses and bus ettiquete.

Investment of £3.4 million also announced for green bus scheme to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

‘Kids Say Slow Down’ theme to show that '20's plenty' in towns, villages and around schools.

Removal of Western Extension also proposed.

Problem also wastes more than 370 million litres of fuel a year.

A13-Sadlers Farm scheme to be completed by March 2012.

Current experimental scheme due to end soon.

91.5 per cent of train services arrived on time in the last year.

Pressure for Philip Hammond to outline coalition pact in terms of transport policy.

New Transport Secretary also named.