Improvements include new seating and CCTV, and electronic information boards.

Improvements to transport network to leave lasting legacy even after the games.

Research shows 70 per cent of fatal road collisions in Scotland happen in rural areas.

New locations to include Selkirk, Torquay and Carlisle.

Figures have improved from same period last year.

New technology to reduce CO2e emissions by 8,000 tonnes.

Projects were procured against success factors including environment and planning.

Play Safer aims to demonstrate how professional football skills can be applied to road safety.

Same speed may remove dangerous overtaking procedures, FTA argue.

Station to be key transport hub for 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Work will seal the road surface to prevent water seeping in.

Lights triggered at bus stops or crossings warn of schoolchildren boarding or leaving a school vehicle.

Train line runs from Dalston Junction to West Croydon.

Improvements to include new road surface and better signs.

Four new destinations in Pennsylvania and Iowa.

Bus to launch this summer.