Train line runs from Dalston Junction to West Croydon.

Improvements to include new road surface and better signs.

Four new destinations in Pennsylvania and Iowa.

Bus to launch this summer.

Wearing of seatbelts down among Scottish bus, coach and minibus drivers.

Oyster brand to be investigated to make life easier and more convenient for Londoners to travel.

RAC Foundation calls for self-regulating older drivers rather than compulsory retests.

Proposals could save every British citizen £1500.

Crossrail works at Acton involves building a dive under at Acton Freight Yard.

Service reconnects town after floods destroyed links.

Potholes and road replacement to be reduced.

Work completed includes signalling improvements on Bournemouth Main Lines.

New road to bypass communities and remove 60 per cent of traffic from existing road.

42 railway stations to get improvements including ramps and accessible toilets.

Kickstart second round grants for projects aiming to a reduction in congestion.

Funding also for road repairs throughout the country.