Current weight limit of 3.5 tonnes to be lifted to allow heavier vehicles to use all lanes.

LTSG grant increased by more than four per cent this year.

Plans to enable local authorities to enforce powers.

Funding also for new Leeds Station entrance.

Multi-million contract for renewal of mainframe-to-desktop IT outsourcing.

First Capital Connect route to get 41 extra carriages.

Extension would link Midland Metro Line One to Birmingham New Street Station.

Academy to receive nearly £3 million of Government investment.

Plans include new car park, cycle facilities and improved bus interchange.

New lifts to be installed at three stations in time for 2012 Olympics.

Plans include new express bus service.

Money will build new bridge, new link roads and improve road access.

Network could see Leeds and Manchester to London journey time of 75 minutes.

Houghton Regis to Luton Airport service will deliver speedy and reliable connections.

All road works to now include contact number, details of who is carrying out the works and meet safety for disabled people standards.

Commuters can now take Metrolink to Ashton and East Didsbury.