Cumbria County Council selects Morgan Est for building contract.

Information given on road conditions ahead.

Site shows roadworks, travel disruptions, and car park locations and capacity.

Station to benefit from new waiting shelters, shops and toilets.

Vehicle to travel on road and water to link communities on the Clyde.

Funding to provide track and station renewals up to 2021.

Overall passenger satisfaction at 86 per cent.

New and older vehicles to have the same road rules.

Alphabetical and colour-coded bus stops make journeys and planning ahead easier for passengers.

Risk of fatality in train accidents down 80 per cent over the last ten years.

Drivers urged to buckle up to prevent death or serious injury.

Non rail users list convenience as most important reason for current form of transport.

Contract will dual the A8 between Belfast and Larne.

Investment expected to save or create tens of thousands of jobs.

Councils to be given more power to coordinate road works and take action when they overrun.

Hundreds of new buses a year to be fitted with LOOK systems.