145 near misses between motor vehicles and trains in 2009.

Traffic Officer Service will respond quickly to incidents.

Campaign aimed at motorists ignoring speed limits while passing through roadworks.

Improvemtens include new station building and re-design of car park to maximise commuter parking.

Improvements include street lighting improvements and bridge maintenance.

Improvements include new platform seating and a new CCTV system.

Funding scheme to support measures to deliver transport improvements.

Current £2,500 daily charge to rise to up to £25,000 a day.

Credit or debit card toll payment suggested for convenience.

Proposals include more seats, reduced train times and lengthened trains.

TV, radio and online advertising asks drivers to see the person behind the helmet.

55 carriages also given improved interior.

£12.5 million package to also secure cycling for half a million additional school children by 2012.

American state law would enable law enforcement officers power to stop a vehicle and issue a citation.

Money will pay for improvement to 2.5km section along the A40.

Contractor to provide buses and coaches for shuttle and park-and-ride services.