One of the largest guides to road and traffic practice ever produced was launched in Australia on 1 July 2009

Sweden did it in 1967. Okinawa Prefecture in Japan did it in 1978. Find out how the Samoans did it

Recent changes in the way that fixed-point safety cameras are funded have prompted local authorities to consider whether or not they are little more than ‘cash cows’ aimed at inflicting a ‘stealth tax’ on motorists, or a significant contributor to the reducing the numbers of people who have been killed or injured on the UK’s roads

Sibylle Rupprecht, Director General IRF, reports from the 3rd Regional Conference of the International Road Federation held 3-4 October in New Delhi, India

For most employees, driving on business is the most dangerous task they undertake during their working life, according to official figures. The Driving for Better Business programme aims to build a broad network of employers with ‘business champions’ at the centre.