Biodiesel adds to Co-op’s green credentials

Health care group cuts emissions by 20 per cent making the switch to biodiesel

Co-op has become the first health care or pharmacy chain to roll out the use of biodiesel across its entire fleet.

United Co-operatives’ Health Care Group has made the switch to biodiesel to power all of its vehicles.

The move is estimated to reduce the Co-op’s transport emissions by 20 per cent.

Lindsey Fairbrother, group wholesale manager at United Co-operatives, said: “To allow the implementation of renewable fuel we have introduced a dedicated storage facility and fuel monitoring system, and this has further environ- mental benefits in that it ensures we can monitor the efficiencies of our vehicles and fuel usage.

“This is part of our on-going commitment to reducing our carbon emissions, which we have already done by 2,100 tonnes – equivalent to the annual emissions of over 200 average homes.

“All our pharmacies are powered by 100 per cent green energy, and our recycling scheme sees us recycle one tonne of paper every month.”

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