Town Traffic

Although suffering from a perceived lack of political support, Intelligent Transport Systems have a proven track record in easing congestion and reducing accidents, reports the IRF

ITSNew and existing technology offers the opportunity to mitigate the impact of human error on road safety, says Mike Blundell, professor of Vehicle Dynamics and Impact at Coventry University

In-TimeGerald Lamprecht, AustriaTech, explains how changing people's travel behaviour can help solve the issue of continuously increasing car traffic and its negative environmental impact

InnovationProfessor Christoph Stiller, vice president of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society, examines solutions for meeting the challenges of increased traffic demands

iCar SupportERTICO - ITS Europe takes a look at the eSafety Forum and its work promoting ICT for safe, smart and clean road mobility with zero accidents and zero delays for informed citizens

Minister for Communications Åsa Torstensson discusses Sweden’s targets and strategies for implementation and use of ITS

Neal Skelton, head of Professional Services at ITS UK, looks at the three Keynote Addresses at the recent RTIC conference and finds a common thread

ERTICO – ITS Europe's Henry Wasung looks at a pilot focusing on reducing energy consumption of goods delivery vehicles in urban areas

Neal Skelton, ITS UK, takes a look at the aim of the new Urban Challenge Fund, which aims to deliver clear and measurable benefits for urban areas in terms of transport

The start of this year presented an intriguing opportunity to simultaneously look forwards and backwards into the ‘twenty-ten’ and ‘noughties’ decades and allow reflection on the implications of recent international occurrences, and in particular how they affected transportation

The euroFOT project is a first of its kind, European-wide field operational test. Tested with real drivers on real roads, eight intelligent vehicle systems will be studied with regards to their impacts on safety, efficiency and driver comfort

Despite an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads we continue to get better at reducing road casualties, however, there’s no room for complacency

The 16th ITS World Congress and Exhibition, held at Stockholm International Fairs 21-25 September, closed a success

Technology services company telent discusses different uses for Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The resounding success of the recent ITS (UK) Evening Reception on the Terraces of the Houses of Parliament has been widely recognised and reported through a diversity of e-mails, letters, messages and phone calls