More flexibility to meet local signage needs

Simon Morgan from the Institute of Highway Engineers examines new local highways traffic sign legislation that comes into force in 2015, which brings both benefits and challenges to local authorities

Identifying the precise need for speed

Three years after the idea was first considered by Government, motoring law specialist Hannah Sampson shares her views on fresh proposals to increase the speed limit on motorways

RSMAStandards, compliance and research are the key areas the Government needs to address if it is to achieve the goals set out in its Strategic Framework for Road Safety, says the Road Safety Markings Association, which publishes its 2012 Lifelines report in the Autumn

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), shines a positive light on perhaps one of the most vilified tools in the road safety box

Managed motorwaysFlagship motorway scheme delivers increased safety and efficiency by controlling traffic flows more effectively

Professor Andrew Parkes, chief scientist, Behavioural Studies, TRL, translates the nudge agenda into improved transport safety

SartrePlatooning may be the new way of travelling on motorways in as little as ten years time with the SARTRE project announcing its first successful demonstration. Anthony Smith reports

RSMARoad markings provide the best, most simple navigation aid to drivers and little money needs to be spent to cut deaths on our roads, says the Road Safety Markings Association

Road safetyAlan Jones, Roads Policing Lead, Police Federation of England and Wales, discusses speed camera enforcement and the impact it can have on road safety and accident prevention

Speed cameraThe Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has helped to reignite the public debate about the future of speed cameras. Kevin Clinton, the Society’s head of road safety, discusses

Tomer Toledo and Haneen Farah introduce a new project designed to enable a better understanding of factors influencing the decision whether or not to overtake

Ellen Townsend, European Transport Safety Council, discusses work related road safety and road safety in the EU

Robert Gifford, executive director, Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, discusses one of the biggest contributions to road deaths in Great Britain

The European Transport Safety Council is putting forward ambitious targets to reduce road deaths and serious injuries in the EU by 40 per cent between 2010 and 2020. Ellen Townsend, the Council’s policy director, explains further

Road safety is currently a hot topic, with the government now reviewing the consultation responses to its post 2010 road safety strategy ‘A Safer Way’