RSTADespite playing a major role in improving road safety, high friction surfacing’s acceptance in the UK in under threat from councils reducing their highway maintenance spend. The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has developed a number of initiatives to help progress and deliver best practice for its wider installation reports Howard Robinson, RSTA chief executive.

A vision for public places and the importance of liveable, accessible and comfortable space

Written by Colin Davis

One of the key factors in assessing sustainability is measurement of CO2 emissions. But there is more to saving the environment than measuring carbon footprint, argues Asphalt Industry Alliance chairman, Colin Loveday.

Many people associate higher road standards with lots of benefits, but this does not prevent road improvements from exerting a largely negative effect on the global climate

Surface treatments are cost-effective maintenance processes that can facilitate monetary savings as well as increasing road safety, says the Road Surface Treatment Association

Since the mid 90s, the number of people and goods moved by rail in the UK has increased dramatically, yet at the same time, safety and performance have improved. The Rail Safety and Standards Board looks at how the industry can continue this trend

There are many innovative projects across Europe and the UK where new materials and techniques are being used to deliver sustainable roads, reports Alan Mackenzie, director of the Asphalt Industry Alliance