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Germany’s Forum for User-financed Roads DNS looks at why a user-financed road infrastructure is deemed necessary in Germany

An efficient transport infrastructure is an important location factor. Due to a lack of financing the road infrastructure in Germany has deteriorated during the past years. These developments are obstacles for the sustainment of Germany’s competitiveness as a business location. User-financing that is specifically earmarked for roads investment helps to improve the quality of the transport infrastructure, to avoid congestion, which wastes both time and energy resources, and to raise the level of safety on our roads.

Public finances
In view of the perilous state of public finances, investment in road infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult. For this reason, such investment should come for the most part from revenues that depend on road use. These revenues are raised directly from road users in the form of charges. The advantage in this is that the charges reflect the actual cost of using the road infrastructure.

The introduction of user-financing means that all drivers bear the actual costs which they themselves create when using the road. This also applies to international automobile drivers. User-financing ensures that all road users finance the maintenance and development of Germany’s road network.

Climate protection

Road traffic has an impact on our environment in various ways. User-financing can contribute to reduce this environmental pollution. A road use charge that varies according to time and location makes it possible to direct the flow of traffic and creates incentives to utilise both vehicle and road capacities more effectively. In this way, user-financing makes a significant contribution to climate protection.

A modern and reliable user-financed system serves as a model for other markets and strengthens the economy. The industrial and service sector companies can demonstrate their capacity for innovation in this field and can become international market leaders in this technology.

A user-financed system for the road infrastructure in Germany secures future mobility on a sustainable basis.
In the Forum for User-financed Roads (DNS – Dialogforum Nutzerfinanzierung Straße) companies and individuals have come together to support and promote the introduction of a user-finance system for the road infrastructure in Germany in order to secure future mobility on a sustainable basis. DNS is an independent association and does not represent the interests of a particular technology. Through projects in various European countries the members combine know-how concerning the design, financing, development, implementation and operation of user-financed systems. This know-how is made available to anyone who is interested to obtain information about the various aspects of user-financing. DNS wishes to play an active role in shaping public discussion on this topic. For this purpose, the association regularly organises events, develops and designs information material on the entire topic of user-financed roads and seeks dialogue with institutions, companies and associations from both industry and politics.

Founding members of DNS are AGES Maut System GmbH & Co. KG; Dornier Consulting GmbH; Kaspch Telematic Services Deutschland GmbH; PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG; S-1 Consulting GmbH; Schmid Mobility Solutions GmbH; and Trafineo GmbH & Co. KG.

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