Autonomous truck convoys: the question is when, not if

The grand vision of Europe’s freight transport is of sleek convoys of autonomous trucks travelling along thousands of miles of ‘smart’ roads. Siegfried Mortkowitz reports on what it will take to realise it

TelematicsAlthough usage-based insurance (UBI) is not yet widely available – or even widely known – it is currently being widely researched and tested by insurance carriers. UBI comes with real costs, and the technology and business models are still developing, so early adopters need to focus their investments

Transport InfrastructureNeal Skelton, head of professional services at ITS United Kingdom, discusses the role of intelligent transport systems during times of transport infrastructure spending cuts

Ray Engley, Road Haulage Association, discusses how the road haulage industry can learn from Formula 1

It has been estimated that transport telematics infrastructure developments could, over a ten year period, create a potential market of €1 billion to equip 20.000 km of European motorways; €1 billion to equip 85 European cities; and the market for in-vehicle equipment could reach €6 billion a year

Telematics Update's editor, Thomas Hallauer, finds out how the telematics-insurer partnership can make telematics not only palatable, but also downright exciting for the fleet underwriting sector

Telematics Update’s Puja Pankhania asks Thermo King’s Gayatri Chaturvedi to share her views on the integration of reefer data into the logistics customers’ business processes

Subject to legislative constraints, obligations and privacy issues, Tobias Ryberg believes it will be up to the customers to decide who they trust best with their driving time data

Precksha Saksena of Telematics Update explains how months of research have led to the realisation that Telematics may have gone full circle and is now able to sustain business case for basic services that failed to take off in 2001.

Telematics Systems offer the Road Freight Industry an opportunity to make cost saving improvements