New biofuel targets to double use of renewable fuels in UK transports sector

New biofuel targets to double use of renewable fuels in UK transports sector

The Department for Transport has announced new regulations designed to double the use of sustainable fuels by 2020 as part of plans to reduce carbon emissions and make the transport sector more sustainable.

New biofuel targets will be coming into force on Sunday (15 April 2018) and will double the use of renewable fuels in the UK transport sector within 15 years, reducing the sector’s reliance on imported diesel.

Changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) will mean owners of transport fuel who supply at least 450,000 litres a year or more, need to make sure the mix is at least 12.4 per cent biofuel by 2032.

As it stands, the industry, which supplies fuel to transport companies such as haulage firms and airlines, is only expected to meet a target of 4.75 per cent biofuel.

The government is also challenging the sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by six per cent by 2020.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said: “We are committed to reducing carbon emissions from transport to tackle climate change, and to making the sector as sustainable as possible. Increasing our use of renewable fuels is a key part of this.

“The changes we are introducing will double our carbon emissions savings from the RTFO scheme by doubling the use of renewable fuels and reducing reliance on imported fossil diesel.

“This will deliver emissions savings equal to taking hundreds of thousands of cars off the road.”

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