Consultation banning old tyres begins

A consultation on new laws banning older tyres on large vehicles has begun from today (24 June)

The measure to improve road safety could see tyres aged 10 years and older banned from use on buses, coaches, lorries and minibuses. If supported, the new rules could be in force by early 2020.

The consultation follows the ‘Tyred’ campaign by Frances Molloy, whose son Michael died in a coach crash caused by a 19-year-old tyre in 2012.
Road Safety Minister Michael Ellis said: "Our priority is keeping people safe on our roads, and we are taking action to reduce the number of people killed or injured.

"There is increasing evidence that age affects the safety of tyres, which is why I think older tyres should not be used on large vehicles.

"I would like to thank Frances Molloy and the Tyred campaign for their work raising this important issue – the changes we are consulting on could save lives."

The consultation, which runs for 10 weeks, will also ask whether the ban should be extended to taxis and private hire vehicles.

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