Consultation launched on professional driver conduct guidance

The Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain is asking for the views from professional drivers, commercial vehicle operators, legal representatives and road safety stakeholders to contribute to a review of guidance on the conduct of drivers.

The purpose of the driver conduct process is to ensure lorry, bus and coach drivers are fit to drive large commercial vehicles.

The consultation will look at existing statutory documents for vocational licence holders and proposes a number of changes. These include the starting points for taking action against professional drivers; cases involving Armed Service Personnel; and case examples of how drivers will be dealt with.

Traffic commissioners are responsible for regulating these drivers and can take action against them for failing to meet the relevant standards.

The statutory document helps traffic commissioners to be consistent in their decision-making and contains useful information for drivers and those who employ them.

Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain, Richard Turfitt, said: “Our aim is to provide clear guidance and continue to improve transparency in the way we come to our decisions. Without a framework, we would not be in a position to ensure consistent and fair regulation of the transport industry or to continue to modernise the licensing regime.

“I encourage professional drivers and their employees, as well as our other key stakeholders, to review our proposals and give us feedback on the intended changes.”

The consultation runs until 23 July 2019.

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