DWF LLP Road Haulage & Logistics: Keeping Your Business Moving

DWF is the legal business where expertise, industry knowledge and leading edge technology converge to deliver solutions that enable our clients to excel.

Embracing our diverse skills, we gain a unique and more valuable legal perspective that can empower our clients, giving them a competitive advantage or simply delivering new solutions to old problems.

Keeping on the right side of the legal challenges spanning road haulage, freight and logistics can sometimes feel at odds with completing projects and running a business. DWF’s national team of legal experts works with passenger vehicle, logistics and goods vehicle operators as well as ports and restricted licence holders.

We provide sustainable, fast solutions, across the complete range of legal services. From managing compliance, risk and standards, through to traffic commissioner inquiries, liaising with UK border agency on clandestine entrant issues, representation on vehicle seizure issues, carriage of goods disputes, acquisitions, and asset disposal. We manage complex employment, sub-contracting and agency worker matters, through to insurance claims, cyclist safety, health and safety regulatory issues as well as real estate management and financing, mergers and acquisitions, as well as business restructuring.

Whatever the destination, whatever the challenge, we’re one of the few firms with a cross discipline, practical knowledge of the road haulage, freight and logistics sector. We help you to find better solutions to reduce risk and costs. Our membership of the Road Haulage Association not only demonstrates that we understand the industry but that we are committed to playing an integral part in it.

For further information contact Vikki Woodfine +44 (0)161 603 5060 or Joanne Witheford at +44 (0)161 838 0108 or to find out more about how DWF can support your business visit http://www.dwf.co.uk/sectors/r/road-haulage-logistics/