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Electric vehicles 'will not solve transport problem'

New report has warned that car use will still need to be curbed even when all vehicles are powered by clean electricity.

Spending Review must ‘save our roads’, says LGA

Funding councils have been forced to cut from road maintenance budgets since 2010 could have paid for the repair of nearly eight million potholes.

The average price of unleaded dropped 3p a litre from 130.67p to 127.62p while diesel reduced by 4.61p from 135.51p to 130.90p

The Scottish Government has confirmed funding of £20.6 million through the Switched on Towns and Cities Challenge Fund and the Local Authority Installation Programme.

The measure to improve road safety could see tyres aged 10 years and older banned from use on buses, coaches, lorries and minibuses


Walking and cycling network worth £7.6bn per annum

Rachel White reports on the findings of the ‘Paths for Everyone’ report and the huge opportunity for central and local governments

Darren Shirley, Campaign for Better Transport

Darren Shirley discusses the current state of public transport and how local communities can encourage sustainable transport in their regions

During general wear and tear of a vehicle, brakes and tyres can produce tiny pieces of particulate matter, which can enter the air and sea and be harmful to human and marine life.

Cheat devices mean a lorry can produce up to 20 times more dangerous emissions. The DVSA has now become routinely checking lorries they stop at the roadside for emissions cheating

The Freight Transport Association has changed its Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme to become the Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme to incorporate air quality performance