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EV charging

The roll out of electric vehicle chargers at 50 of Scotland’s train stations has begun.

Conservative MPs have launched a rebellion against HS2 with plans to vote against the plans.

If the predicted demand for electric car charging points is not met, London roads could see a ‘charge rage’ epidemic, a new report has suggested.

Driving speeds have dipped significantly in the past year, according to analysis by In-car Cleverness.

Local authorities and bus companies have been awarded a share of £11 million under the government’s ‘Low emission bus scheme’ to help buy 153 cleaner buses.


Platooning trials funded by the government will see three partially-autonomous lorries travel in a convoy on UK motorways. GreenFleet finds out what the environmental benefits will be

Gatwick has become a carbon neutral airport for its ground operations. Transport Business talks to the airport's Rachel Thompson to find out how its use of electric and hybrid vehicles has helped achieve this

Air pollution

Dominic Phinn from environmental law firm ClientEarth gives advice to fleets as political attention to air quality makes waves in the transport sector.

FORS scheme

FORS, the best practice accreditation scheme for commercial vehicle operators, continues to help organisations run a safer, greener and more efficient fleet, writes FORS director John Hix

Paul Attenborough, account manager for transport technology provider Trapeze Group speaks about how transport companies can benefit from new business processes